Oct 082012
tobacco road acacia

Description of Tobacco Road Acacia Flooring

The acacia tree is also known as the thorn tree, whistling thorns or wattles tree. It is an exotic hardwood that grows in tropical and temperate climates in Africa, Southern Asia, Europe, Australia and America. Tobacco road acacia flooring is a type of hardwood floor based on timber obtained from the tree. The floor has a dark brown appearance with the unmistakable slight fragrant whiff of acacia.

Benefits of Tobacco Road Acacia

The major benefit associated with this type of flooring is longevity. Tobacco road acacia can last for years without showing any signs of wear. The floor is easy to maintain by simply cleaning. The wood used can also be recycled for other purposes. Resilient hardwoods are eco-friendly and can be reclaimed to be used as raw materials for a number of wooden furniture. Tobacco road acacia flooring also does not collect or harbour dust and is therefore a good choice for healthy homes. It is also available in a wide range of styles, colors and designs to suit any interior design project. 468x60_generic logo_

Potential Disadvantages of using Tobacco Road Acacia Flooring

The floor may require regular polishing in order to maintain a natural shine in the wood grain. Polishing thus becomes an additional cost to the homeowner. Scratches and scuff marks also necessitate polishing to restore the appearance of the hardwood floor and maintain the grain direction of the timber. Tobacco road flooring like any other wooden floor is likely to produce some sort of noise when stepped on. This makes it unsuitable for some rooms in your house or office.

How to Maintain Tobacco Road Acacia Flooring

Aside from regular cleaning, there are other safety measures undertaken to maintain the appearance of tobacco road acacia flooring. Synthetic products used for cleaning and maintenance of sheet vinyl and floor tiles should not be used on these floors. Such products will make the wood appear dull and render it slippery. Dirt particles, grit and other forms of debris at the soles of your shoes can cause nasty scratches on the surface of the floor. You must therefore utilize rugs and mats in and outside of doorways to ensure such particles are not tracked on to the floor. Any liquid spills must also be mopped up forthwith so the wooden floor does not absorb moisture.

Installation of Tobacco Road Acacia Flooring

Wooden flooring is normally fastened to the sub flooring material using nails and then sanded and finished. This work can either be contracted to professionals or done by the homeowner. Do it yourself will save you some money but demands experience in sanding and finishing. However, there is prefinished tobacco road flooring which can make the whole process much easier. This is because the sanding process can get quite dusty and if performed by an amateur, it can leave visible ridges and lines on the floor.

Price of Tobacco Road Acacia Hardwood Flooring

The standard cost of Tobacco Road Flooring is between $4 and $8 per square foot. The price depends on the source of the hardwood. The source of the acacia and additional finishing designs contribute to the average price of the hardwood. Nonetheless, it is advisable to check out several hardwood dealerships and compare the price of tobacco road flooring per square feet of wood. This will enable you to workout an estimated price range to work with comfortably.

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