Apr 082012
Golden Teak Hardwood Flooring

This is a flooring product that uses hardwoods derived from acacia decurrens tree species that are found in Australasia. This particular wood product is usually stained so that it may achieve the feel of a teak like tone. The tree that this product comes from grows slowly and steadily, and in return become very sense and sturdy which gives the product the required durability quality that has made them constantly withstand heavy usage such as those endured by floors. This type of species also comes with a rich tone and a fine grain that can easily blend with a variety of home designs, and its golden color can also be enhanced by staining, provided someone knows how to properly do it.

Benefits of Golden Teak Hardwood Flooring

Teak is the ultimate wood for flooring.  It is highly resistant to decay and termite attacks and secrets oil which functions as an insect repellant. This product also remains smooth under friction and gives out the odor of leather when freshly cut. Its other desirable qualities include hardness and durability. When used for flooring it offers a new feel that instantly warms up the entire room and makes the room appear tranquil. It is also weather resistant because it excretes natural oils that repel water, insects and pests enabling it to maintain its natural looks for quite a number of years. Its warm color also brightens the house and when used in home flooring, consumers are likely to experience toughness with added style and flare. Potential Disadvantages of Golden Teak Hardwood Flooring .  Some of the qualities that make teak so good, also make it expensive. For instance, it costs more to install a golden teak hardwood floor than any other wooden floor.

golden teak hardwood floorMaintaining Golden Teak Flooring

It is very easy to maintain in the sense that it requires very little upkeep aside from just some simple cleaning. Oil can be used to give it a different shade of color which
brings out the natural variance in wood grains. It is also very resilient and durable which means it will last for a very long time.

Installation of Teak Hardwood Flooring

This can either be done by a contractor or by the home owner. The whole process begins by rolling out a floor paper on top of the floor and stapling it down. Then lay rows of teak flooring along the wall and ensure that there is a gap left of around an inch between the first row of the flooring and the wall which is necessary for expansion when temperatures rise. You will then need to fasten the boards down using nails the recommended spacing is two pieces of nail per square foot. Repeat the process for the other rows until you reach the last row. In case the last row is overlapping use a table saw to cut them while ensuring that some gap is left between the flooring and the wall.

Price of Golden Teak Hardwood Flooring

Installation costs are high; an installation technician will charge around $5-$10 dollars per square foot and the tick flooring itself may go for a price of $70 per square foot, which is pricey.

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